- Creating a different viewpoint to subject in writing scenario

- Perhaps, animator conveys the most sense to work technically and constructionally in 2D and Claymotion techniques. The life and soul, which are conveyed to characters by a stylus pen or shaping inanimate dough by hands, are less sensed in computerized works.



Animation & Illustration :

- I consider animation or, in general, designing as a way to express the issues more easily, which is difficult to express in real world. In encountering an issue, I prefer to create it as an image or convey it emotionally or behaviorally, rather than express it directly. This act helps me to create a work considerably.

- Observing and examining behavior of society, our close people and even children around us result in creating a large number of ideas and story in our mind. Personally, I try to be exposed of public circles and communities and see and investigate the relationship between people, animals and even objects. For instance, “a crow becomes happy when it encounters with an empty bottle of sauce.”




- Prioritizing and starting the work are based on a story.

- Creating a new world and characters which convey the most sense and influence to the audiences.

- Scenario should be simple and have a deep stimulus or storied meaning at the same time.




- Do not fear of drawing or creating an etude. You should be brave for starting the design. There are a lot of stories behind each your design. Every design or character which is graved on your sheet could be a lost part of a puzzle created by you. Every etude is like a snowflake which slides from a mountain summit. This snowflake gets big and bigger to become a big snowball.

- Listening to the musics which are similar to your work atmosphere helps the process of creating animation significantly.

- Using sculpting dough could help to achieve fascinating ideas, makes you to see your characters and world more tangible, and prepares your mind to accept new ideas more than before even if your final work is a two or three-dimensional computerized work.