How to start project:

- Research for order subject and contemplating about it

- Investigating order in terms of concept and creating relation between form and concept of work

- Trying not to contemplate about work in a defined period. The idea should come to mind during the time and quotidian activities.

- Listening to music could be highly inspiring. The rhythm and atmosphere of music could help to create a work significantly.





Graphic Design


- Creating an interest in customer’s object is considered as a priority when starting a project.

- Having freedom for idealizing and not being limited

- Harmonizing designer’s mindset with that of the customer



Fostering and finalizing project:


- Producing a work is like being released in a river. Changing the initial form by factors being there in the path is highly possible. The artist should not fear of this issue. The outline in the mind is not necessarily the best project to be implemented.

- A design should be investigated and polished in its path if it is corrected by everyone whose literacy and taste are trustworthy.

- Artist should not insist on executing the project when his/her mind is not ready for contemplating about. A deadline is regarded as one of the most important factor in a design project. However, the design should not sacrificed by deadline. Having a good mental relationship with customer could be effective at this time. Artist should assure customer that he/she could prepare a project in the best possible way if he/she has enough time.






- Seeing a sample could accelerate creating an idea if the element of creativity is not forgotten. Copying or repeating other samples should be avoided. Mind is like a databank and seeing sample is feeding this databank. During designing, mind uses the data unconsciously. Therefore, artist should compare her/his design to those data repeatedly without copying.

- Artist should see the work from both his/her point of view and that of customer. During design, the artist should try to bring these two viewpoints closer together to reach a common point.

- Color is regarded as one of the most important elements of design. A graphic design should be drawn as black and white primarily and its form should be considered as a priority. However, its color should be also emphasized simultaneously. A color might first seem appropriate and then diminish design beauty.